What to Keep In Mind When Buying Hospital Furniture

When purchasing furniture from hospital furniture suppliers in UAE, keep in mind the longevity, comfort, and design of the furniture. You also need to consider infection control. Here are some tips to help you get the best quality hospital furniture. Durable furniture is less likely to scratch or scuff, and it is also more resistant to moisture. This is essential since healthcare furniture is used by a wide variety of people. High-quality constructions can withstand long-term use and regular cleaning.


When choosing furniture for healthcare facilities, durability is key. Healthcare furniture must endure repeated use and cleanings that can expose surfaces to bacteria and germs. Hospital furniture must be made of non-porous materials to keep infection rates down. Plastic and vinyl upholstery can be cleaned and disinfected while fabrics are more difficult to clean. A guide to healthcare textiles can help you determine the best materials for your needs. Ultimately, durability is what will ensure that your hospital furniture will serve you well for years to come.


In a new hospital build, the planning process will be more challenging because there is likely to be a range of different room layouts and specialist items. This will require a high level of project management and coordination, as well as careful attention to detail. If possible, the supplier should provide a fit-out manager with specialized expertise to ensure that the hospital furniture can withstand the rigors of the fit-out process. They should also have a good understanding of the project requirements, including best practices in infection control.

Furniture should be comfortable and welcoming:

Healthcare furniture should be comfortable and welcoming while incorporating the hospital’s brand and values. The most heavily trafficked regions of a hospital are the waiting areas, so the design of these should be functional and aesthetic. Multipurpose seats are ideal for these transitional environments. With proper care and maintenance, hospital furniture can be used for many years, reducing the hospital’s financial burden in the process. The choice of furniture also has a significant effect on the overall experience of the patients and visitors.

Infection control:

Infection control for hospital furniture is a crucial part of the overall patient care process. Specially designed furniture can cut the risk of HAIs by up to 70%. Standard fabrics, such as cotton, can harbor harmful germs. Covering hospital furniture with an appropriate material reduces the risk of environmental microbial transmission. Vinyl and polyurethanes can be impermeable to liquids and are a better choice for infection control.

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