What To Do Before/After Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment?

Vaginal rejuvenation refers to a range of surgical and nonsurgical procedures to improve the health and appearance of the vulvar area. These treatments address problems such as genital sagging, looseness, and incontinence. If you are into this procedure, be aware of the actual vaginal rejuvenation cost.

It would help if you went through a physical examination before the procedure:

Before undergoing a vaginal rejuvenation surgery, a patient should undergo a physical examination. The doctor will evaluate the patient’s health history and symptoms to determine if she is a good candidate for the treatment. The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia in an outpatient facility. The recovery period can be up to six weeks. In some cases, a sitz bath will be recommended to promote faster healing.

Avoid vigorous physical activity and use ice packs over the incisions after the procedure:

Patients are also advised to avoid vigorous physical activity and use ice packs over the incisions. They are also encouraged to wear loose clothing. They are also instructed to stop smoking for two weeks before their procedure.

Follow the instructions provided by the surgeon:

Post-surgical care involves following the instructions provided by the surgeon. The surgeon will provide the patient with information about the risks associated with the procedure. They will also discuss the benefits of the surgery and the expected results. The patient is urged to follow the doctor’s advice regarding medications, ointments, and antibiotics. They may also recommend a physical therapy program to help strengthen the pelvic muscles.

If you have depression, consult with your healthcare provider:

In addition to pain, some patients experience depression and anxiety after the procedure. If the patient experiences any of these symptoms, they should contact their healthcare provider. The patient should also talk with their family and friends. It is important to choose a surgeon who is experienced in this type of surgery. Choosing the right healthcare provider will ensure the patient gets optimal results from the procedure.

The most common complications after a vaginal rejuvenation surgery are infection, bleeding, nerve injury, and scarring. However, these are very rare. In some cases, the wound will heal on its own. If a complication does occur, the surgeon will provide the patient with information about the problem and possible treatments.

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