How To Cut The Costs Of Developing Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Although AI-based solutions are now a reality, the cost associated with AI solutions is often prohibitive. The cost of AI-based solutions can be avoided by outsourcing the development process. The costs associated with training the AI models and legal fees are two common examples. But, if you’re looking for artificial intelligence solutions in UAE that won’t break the bank, it’s best to consider the certainty of the costs.

Outsourced AI management is cheaper than in-house:

An external outsourcing company can quickly build up a team, and the team can grow as needed. The outsourced team can access various tools and libraries that an in-house team might not have. This helps to cut down on the learning curve and prevent costly mistakes during the post-release phase. An external AI team can also collect the data necessary to build an accurate and efficient model.

Another benefit of outsourcing AI management is access to a large talent pool. A third-party service provider can offer access to top-tier AI data scientists. These professionals can command seven-figure salaries. They can also provide expert advice and specialist skills.

Legal fees associated with AI:

Using artificial intelligence (AI) in the legal department can streamline legal department processes and reduce legal fees while boosting productivity. However, in-house counsel must be willing to embrace new work methods to get the most benefit from AI. AI has yet to be widely adopted, and many corporate counsels are skeptical about its reliability, cost, and ethical considerations.

AI designers often work in a competitive and profit-driven environment and may need to be aware of ethical issues. In addition, AI designers are often from an engineering background and are not representative of society. Hence, they are likely to be hostile to criticism, which can harm their bottom line. Further, AI applications are often sold to companies for a specific task without fully explaining the ethical considerations associated with them.

Cut costs by using smaller AI models:

One of the biggest challenges in developing AI solutions is the cost of training advanced AI models. Sometimes, the cost of training a model can reach several million dollars. However, some companies can cut costs by using smaller AI models. The downside is that smaller AI models cannot extract as much meaning from the text as larger models.

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