Fri. Aug 12th, 2022
Avoiding Interior Design Pitfalls

Some of the most common mistakes in interior design are: Using too many matching pieces in a space, hanging chandeliers too high, and using large furniture in a small room. To avoid making these mistakes, make your design plans carefully. Once you have a general idea of what you want your space to look like, you can plan accordingly with the help of residential interior designers in Dubai.

Using too many matching pieces:

Using too many matching pieces can create a cluttered space. Often, furniture placement will affect how well energy flows through a room. It is also important to consider health factors in interior design. However, a room that looks great might be too cluttered if too many pieces are similar. While some people enjoy using bespoke furnishings and eye-catching art, it is possible to use too many matching pieces and create a space that looks overly gaudy.

Hanging chandeliers too high:

In dining rooms, a chandelier should be approximately one foot shorter than the width of the dining table. If you hang the light over a piece of artwork, a proper proportion is half the height of the artwork plus a few inches. This will ensure that the beams of light are sufficiently spread. Hanging a high chandelier can also look out of scale, so remember to keep proportionality in mind.

Using large furniture in a small space:

If you have a small room, you should avoid using too many large furniture pieces. This mistake can visually make the room look claustrophobic and uninviting. Instead, opt for lightweight and slim furniture that can serve multiple functions. You should also look into incorporating shelves and hooks to create storage space. These simple tricks will make your room look bigger and more open than it is.

Using too many accent lights:

Lighting in a room is best when it is layered and used to set the mood. Using too many accent lights can make a room appear like a dentist’s office, especially if they are not positioned correctly. Designers recommend using two types of lighting for a room: task and overhead. You can also use accent lights to create drama in the room. Using too many accent lights in your living room will make it feel cramped and uncomfortable.

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