Amenities Offered by an Apartment Building

When looking for an apartment for sale in JVC Dubai, you should consider a few things, including the building’s amenities. These may range from a gated entrance to elevator access, but they will probably come at a higher price. Likewise, amenities such as stroller-friendly parking will be important to you, and you may also want to consider if there is an elevator. Other things to consider include the availability of a coworking space or rooftop deck.

In-unit washer and dryer:

Many apartment properties provide in-unit washer and dryer amenities for residents. While these appliances may not be the latest in technology, they are still highly functional. They also offer some degree of water and energy conservation. Although some rental units may require an upgrade, most property managers and landlords will ensure that all of their appliances are up to code. However, before buying a new washing machine or dryer, find out whether your new rental property includes these amenities.


A building with elevators rather than stairs is considered an elevator building. It does not have a concierge or doorman but does offer a voice intercom so guests can buzz up to you. Elevators are usually small and can’t carry very heavy items, so you will be relying on them to get from one floor to the next. Additionally, the building might limit when and how often you can use the elevators, making it difficult to move furniture from one floor to another.

Coworking space:

As the number of young people seeking to rent apartments increases, more apartment developments add coworking spaces to their buildings. These multi-use facilities offer lightning-fast wifi, ample coffee, and a variety of seating options and are also open to non-residents. For developers, a coworking space can reward residents with a high level of loyalty and a source of additional revenue. Whether or not it is a practical investment for a new development depends on the market and the specific property.

Rooftop deck:

As more people seek to spend more time outdoors, a rooftop deck is becoming an increasingly popular amenity for high-end properties. Developers are responding to the growing demand for technology and internet access in communal areas by adding dependable Wi-Fi and USB ports. High-end properties also feature outdoor furniture designed to withstand the elements. Adding rooftop deck amenities to an apartment’s offerings can appeal to residents and potential tenants.

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