5 Necessary Firefighting Equipment to Know About

While every firefighter has the necessary equipment to fight a blaze, there are several pieces of equipment that you should know before a firefighting mission. These include a multi-tool, Bresnan nozzle, and a compressed air foam system. Let’s take a closer look at each item. Hopefully, you will know exactly what you need to have on hand by the end of this article. Moreover, it would help if you bought these pieces from reliable firefighting equipment suppliers.


If you’re in the fire service, you should know the importance of a multi-tool. These tools can do a wide range of tasks in the field, including repairing fire-fighting gear. They’re also compact enough to be carried on your belt, keychain, or EDC bag. When choosing a multi-tool, there are many different options, so consider the size and weight of the tool before making a purchase.

Bresnan nozzle

The Bresnan nozzle is vital firefighting equipment that firefighters need to know about. Its use is dictated by several factors, including the size and intensity of the fire. It allows firefighters to project water horizontally and outwards, protecting the firefighter’s body from the hot, smoldering floor. This nozzle is available in two basic designs, fog, and straight port nozzles.

Multi-purpose pry tool

One of the essential pieces of firefighting equipment is a multi-purpose pry tool. This versatile tool comes with several functions, including prying, twisting, punching, and striking. The Halligan tool has a tapered pick, claw, and blade designed to break open doors and breach locked structures quickly.

Compressed air foam system

Several factors impact the effectiveness of a fire suppression system. First, it must deliver the foam and water mixture with enough distance and volume. Then, its internal technology must inject air into the solution to maximize its fire suppression characteristics. This air boosts the extinguishing capacity of latent water. The biggest challenges in developing these systems are mobility, customization, and affordability.


One of the most valuable pieces of firefighting equipment is webbing. Every firefighter should own at least one 20-foot section of this material. Webbing is incredibly versatile, and it is easily stored in the removable kneepad of bunker pants. Because webbing is nonintrusive, firefighters can easily and quickly access it. Firefighters can also use it to drag a downed firefighter to safety.

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